to celebrate PRIDE MONTH

The new exclusive Amazon Original cover of “Ti Voglio” by Ornella Vanoni is out today, available for listening. The brand new song, available exclusively on Amazon Music, sees the collaboration of Hu, Vergo(V3go) and cmqmartina to celebrate Pride Month. The special project is now available and includes the song in the new version and an exciting music video.

Ti Voglio, played by Ornella Vanoni, was released for the first time in 1977 and was an avant-garde piece for the time; the three artists, Amazon Music’s Proud Heros, Hu, Vergo and cmqmartina, reinterpreted this song with their personal touch to create a wonderful new version of Gen Z.

Hu, the young singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist that the large audience discovered at Sanremo Festival this year, continues to shine and brings all his passion into the new song; Vergo, the eclectic artist of Bomba enchants fans with his performances, his innate scenic talent and charisma; cmqmartina, is a young and talented artist who with her free and direct music knows how to reach the hearts of her fans. These are the extraordinary voices joining forces for an extraordinary Amazon Music Original.

Ti voglio in a special version, with a neoclassical and electro-pop touch that recalls the flavor of Lady Gaga, it is the sum of my musical aesthetics, to the nth degree. I am happy to have participated in the Amazon Music campaign as an artist and activist and even more I am proud to have curated aesthetics and music production,said Hu.

I have been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to give my personal tribute to a legend like Ornella Vanoni. Doing it then with a song as clear and powerful as ‘Ti voglio‘, represents the most direct way to tell anyone to love each other freely by stripping off the thousand problems, covering himself with kisses, “said Vergo.

It was a great thrill to participate in the Amazon Music Pride project, from working in the studio with those two wonderful souls of Vergo and Hu on the Vanoni piece to shooting the video clip with people – from the troupe, to the actors and dancers – full of passion. and courage in carrying out this great battle of love. The stories we told in the video clip are the stories of all of us and this is the month of celebration in which we can shout it louder than ever added cmqmartina.

Ti voglio (Amazon Original)” will also be accompanied by an exclusive and original video that will be released on June 24 on the Amazon Music YouTube channel. The content tells of four passionate love stories focusing on the tension of desire that arises from this. HU, Vergo and cmqmartina are the voices in the background that give the protagonists the strength to reveal themselves and encourage them to reveal and live their emotions. The scenes recreate the emotional storm they are going through, the tension of the first touch, the electricity of the first kisses in all their universal power. The last invitation is to get carried away, turn up the volume and enjoy the explosive vision of “Ti voglio“. The new content will be available for listening to all Amazon Music customers.

The new Amazon Original is part of Amazon Music’s Pride Month celebration activities. Throughout June, as part of the brand and social campaign #ProudHeroes, Amazon Music will release a series of content celebrating the joy of Pride, highlighting the artists who are breaking all boundaries. Music fans will be able to listen to PROUD, Amazon Music’s global playlist dedicated to new music by LGBTQ + artists, as well as Orgullo, a playlist dedicated to Latin LGBTQ + artists. On the Amazon Music Italia Instagram page (@amazonmusicit) a series of additional exclusive contents with the artists Vergo, Hu, cmqmartina and others are available.


Fans can listen to “Ti voglio (Amazon Original)” in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android. In addition to the new track, Amazon Music listeners can access hundreds of Amazon Originals, from emerging and established artists from numerous genres, available to stream and purchase only on Amazon Music.